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Psychic Readings

Learn how a Psychic Reading can help you heal and grow by expanding your view of the energy that is at play in your life, right now, in this moment. Connect to Your Higher Self. I have over 11 years experience in divination readings.

I use a direct channel, psychic guidance, truth and love. My life experience and passion has been my spiritual journey and a long time practice of various physical, spiritual, healing and divination modalities. I started doing readings many years ago through many asking me to. I do a lot of readings and continue doing them because I see so many walk away from me lighter, with a deeper found peace and understanding regardless of their situation. I love helping people and have passion for and enjoy the actual psychic practices that are involved.


Third Eye Scanning

▲ Deep Healing through Spiritual Guidance ▲ I can use my Third Eye to Scan your Chakras, 7 Bodies, or the Mind for Blindspots, and gift you the Spiritual Guidance that comes through. These readings are deeply healing and revealing of that which is unseen. These readings access Past Lives.

△ CHAKRA SCAN - Find out if any of your Chakras are locked or blocked, and the deeper reasons causing this. Chakras are Body Energy Centres that hold our experiences and emotions. Once the Third Eye has seen what is occurring you immediately start receiving healing. The healing is a very gentle process of acknowledgement and gaining new cognitions to deal with these issues so that the body can heal itself over time. This technique helps you see deeper within and turn your weaknesses into powers.

△ BODY SCAN - Scanning of all 7 bodies - Physical, Pranic, Mental, Etheric, Causal, Cosmic and Nirvanic Body. Release pain, stress, trauma and blockages of the lower self that are held within our Bodies through revelations and healing of the Third Eye. Connect and receive messages from your Causal, Cosmic and Nirvanic Body to help you further manifest your life on Earth.

△ MIND READING SCAN - Scan for Blindspots in your Mind that you are not aware of, that are stopping you from fulfilling your full potentials in life.

* As Initiated into Third Eye Scanning by HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam

ASCENSION - Frequency of Your Consciousness

Would you like to know the frequency of your consciousness? How far has the spark of consciousness, the Kundalini energy, risen up your spine, or beyond? This energy is the energy that allows us to manifest our lives. The higher your energy rises, the higher the frequency of your consciousness rises, the more powerful your manifestation energy becomes, the closer you reach to the Divine Consciousness, the Super Consciousness. I can tell you where your frequency has risen to and guide you through each level of your Conscious Awakening, your Ascension.

Face to Face Readings, Online, Phone and Video Readings

Please let me know how you would prefer to communicate when you make your Booking. Physical distance is not an obstacle for the Third Eye or the Channel. For Face to Face Readings please first contact me directly. Thank you. Milica .:.

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